Jun 16

Does Your Product Have A Bad ‘Neoprene’ Manufacturing Smell?

By Neoteric845 | FAQ


Premium neoprene products like Neoteric Body products have a slight smell, similar to that of the smell of a new car.

It is often cheaper poor quality products that sometimes have smells sometimes described as ‘quite sickening’. Products that are not aired correctly after manufacturing typically have this smell.

Please rest assured that your Neoteric Body product has been aired in a mechanically ventilated room for a minimum of 5 days after manufacturing, which removes most of the smells associated with the neoprene’s manufacturing process.

The majority of our customers will not notice any smell, however there are rare instances where some people are more sensitive. If this is the case, you can either air the product for a few days out of direct sunlight or gently wash the product before use (see the Care & Washing).