How to Wear

Quick and Easy to Wear

The Neoteric Body sports brace is easy to wear and can be worn directly on the skin,  on top base layers or over pants.

  1. The Neoteric Body logo on the longer strap indicates that this is the top of the knee brace.
  2. Place the knee brace on your knee and line up your patella (kneecap) with the patella cut-out on the knee brace.
  3. With one hand hold the knee brace in position and with the other pull the top strap around the back of the leg and stick it into position on the knee brace, so that it is firm and supporting you.
  4. Now using the same process, attached the bottom strap and you are done!
  5. Flex the knee and check to see if you are comfortable and supported – adjust the straps as necessary to achieve the support you require.


  • We do not recommend the use of any ointments or oils when using the knee brace, as this may allow the knee brace to slip during usage.
  • Do not over tighten and ensure product is not uncomfortably tight and blood flow is not restricted.
  • We do not recommend wearing for prolonged periods (for example – Sleeping).

Why are NeotericBody knee braces different?

At the moment we supply one type of general purpose sports knee brace support.

  1. We use premium 4mm (0.1575in) breathable neoprene in the construction of our knee braces – competitors often use a 2.5mm (0.0984in) or 3mm (0.1181in) neoprene  which is 25%-35% thinner, giving much less support. Our neoprene is aired in a mechanically ventilated storage area for 5 days to remove traces of the manufacturing smell. Your knee brace should arrive with no bad odor.
  2. We use a unique angled flat spring coiled stainless steel stabilizers in our knee brace. Most competitors often use a cheaper straight plastic version (if at all) that provides very poor stability and often breaks inside after minimal use, whilst other premium brands may use a metal straight version that gives better support, but impedes natural flexing leg movements in sport and outdoor activities.
  3. Specially designed to ‘cup’ the knee – the cut of the neoprene, reinforced stitching, patella gasket and angled stabilizers all come together to grip your knee comfortably – whilst virtually all competitors are often ‘straight-cut’ leading to poor fitting.
  4. We do not use silicone ‘stay-up’ grips. Our extensive testing has found that these often wear off after minimal usage or washing.  They are also well known to chafe the leg badly, especially during sports and outdoor pursuits when the leg is sweating.
  5. We supply one size fits most, however this mean that it does not fit everyone – please see our Sizing page for more details. If we get enough customer feedback, we will bring an XXL version to the US Amazon Prime marketplace – watch this space.
  6. No behind knee bunching – we give you great support without affecting your mobility, so we DO NOT use a third behind knee strap. In our extensive testing, we found that 3 straps gave only marginal support for the knee, at the expense of knee flexing and also painful behind the knee chafing. We also found that competitors often make this behind the knee strap too short also.
  7. We have evaluated many competitors products during pre-testing of our product – and we know our manufacturing cost is 2-3 times that of cheaper products (under $30 MRP) available at You have bought  a premium product and we thank you sincerely for your purchase.


Neoprene Allergy Advice

  • The Neoteric Body Knee brace is made of Neoprene, it does not contain latex. If you have a known neoprene allergy or have developed dermatitis in the past, you should not wear this brace and return it immediately (see Warranty).
  • Allergic reactions to Neoprene generally occur immediately or within a few hours when in direct contact with the skin. Symptons may include all or any one of the following: skin discoloration, rash, swelling, itching or general discomfort. If you are unfortunate to experience this reaction, please discontinue use and consult with a healthcare professional.

General Advice

  • If you feel this support is not a good fit for you, please return the item within 30 days (see Warranty)
  • Do not wear over any open cuts, abrasions or infected skin.
  • Do not overtighten the straps and restrict your circulation.
  • If the knee brace feels to be slack or has slipped out of position, please re-adjust the velcro straps at the first opportunity.
  • The ‘no behind knee bunching’ feature of this knee brace is affected if worn over pants or any base layers.
  • Do not wear for extended periods of time, we recommend using this knee brace only for your sport and outdoor activities when support is necessary.
  • This knee brace is manufactured and marketed as a sports products and may not be suitable for your pre-existing  condition. NeotericBody makes no medical claims (either direct or implied) that this will help, prevent or cure any medical conditions. This knee support is supplied on the understanding that this is not a substitute for any advice or guidance given by a qualified physician or other licensed health-care professional. You should not use the information supplied on this product for self-diagnosis or for treating a health problem or disease. If you suffer from knee pain or have had a knee injury you should always consult a qualified physician or licensed health-care professional for expert advice on your condition and any suitable medical or sports brace/support/sleeve.